Training programs offered by our institution, fully complied with syllabus which are recommended by maritime organizations such as IYT Worl Wide, MCA, IMO and STCW code with latest amendments, and all the trainings are provided by Oceangoing Unlimited Masters as instructors, who have extensive sea service and Management experience in order to assist to improve maritime industry in both local and international markets, and offer better services than all the competitors by following critical principals listed below;


  • Achieving an educational standard which conforms continuity and progressive approach.
  • Establishing an educational standard which provides student satisfaction and permanence.
  • Existence in market as an effective, consistent, and prestigious brand.
  • Devoted working effort and following the process, in order achieve pre-determined aim.
  • Full compliance with International Maritime Education Standards and relevant codes.
  • To comply changes in world standards without delay.
  • Full compliance with local laws and codes.
  • Updating the syllabus in order to comply with updated local and international codes and laws.
  • Establish permanent productivity.
  • Improvement of Quality System.


Xone Superyacht aim is to provide a compherensive range of services to maximize owner’s benefits on their yachts and to minimize their expenses and liabilities.

Xone Superyacht aims not only to satisfy, but will also strive to exceed our clients’/trainees’ expectations by providing them with a quality services, therefore our aim is to:


  • Promote the Xone Superyacht values of “Providing an excellent training”, “taking personal responsibility” and “working well together”.
  • Provide an Quality Management System that complies with applicable Quality Standard ISO9001-2015.
  • Clearly define and document our aims,process approach and objectives.
  • Training and developing our staff to the standard required to deliver excellent service to our clients’/trainees while demonstrating our commitment to industry best practice, compliance and continual improvement.
  • Identify and record business risks and opportunities to constantly align with the context of the organisation and any changes to this relevant to the requirements to interested parties.
  • Identify and comply with all relevant legislation and industry standards.
  • Minimise the environmental impact of our operations.
  • Create and maintain a healthy working culture and environment for our personnel.
  • Ensure the health and safety of persons who may be affected by our activities.
  • Ensure that all employees are aware of their statutory duties and take reasonable care of themselves, others and the environment in which they work and live.
  • Ensure confidentiality of information, including that provided by our clients.


Above implemented Quality Policy principles are our core principles which should be considered by our personnel and managers all the time consciously.


Xone Superyacht will achieve these aims and meet our business objectives through: the review and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, internal communication, competent and professional supervision, and the ongoing training and development of all our personnel.